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3 years ago

Change the default request name

Hi all,


Not sure I am in the right section... 

Let's say I use the Swagger definition of Swagger Petsore here :

If I import these definitions in ReadyApi, I get something that will look like this :

I was wondering if there is any way to define specific names for the requests in Swagger to avoid having default request names, something that would result in this for example :



I know it is possible to rename these requests directly in ReadyApi but if I do that, next time I perform an API definition update from ReadyApi, the tool won't match the manually renamed request with the existing request, which means I will end up with something like this :




Please let me know if my question is not clear, english is not my mother tongue and I can be a bit unclear sometimes ğŸ™‚



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    Not sure if this is ok for you.
    What if you don't keep those requests at all as they anyway not belongs to any test case nor executed.
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      Hi Rao,


      Thanks for your reply. I am not sure what you mean, I showed the API part but that does not mean these requests are not used in any test case (they actually are).

      Have I misunderstood something ?




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        A little "up" with the hope that someone will be able to help ğŸ™‚