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2 years ago

Sharing same test cases with different folders in the same release


I have a test case called "Sample Common Test Case" under "Project Test Repository".

I have created a release called "Release - xxx".

In test respository under "Release - xxx" I have create different folders called `QA`, `UAT` and `PROD`.


Now I want to share the test case "Sample Common Test Case" in all three folders under "Release - xxx".

But when I try to do that I get a error message saying `This test case has already been shared with this release (under folder UAT) and cannot be shared more than once.


I dont want to create copy of the same test case in different folder. So how can I share the same test case with different folders under the same release?


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  • You can only share the test case to one folder under a release. The current functionality doesn't allow you to share it with multiple folders under one release. 


    The only way around this would be to create 3 copies of the test case and bring them into each folder, which doesn't seem like an ideal solution, as you'll now have 3 different copies with possibly multiple executions and/or versions. 


    What is the use case with needing to share the test case under 3 separate folders in one release? 


    If the goal is to execute the test case as part of QA, UAT and PROD testing, it would make more sense to create this folder structure under a test cycle phase. This way you'll be able to reuse the same test case for 3 different types of testing, avoiding multiple copies and keeping the execution history under one test case. I've screenshotted the steps: 


    - Use Create new when adding a new phase


    - Select Add folder and create your folder structure: 


    - Then highlight the folder and click the icon to add test cases to each sub folder: 


    - Use search or browse to find the test case and add it to the folder (I used testcaseid to search and add it easily): 


    Please let me know if this helps!