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14 years ago

I need to create an escalation rule annually, quarterly, etc

Hi - I see I can set escalation rules (for test cases) for dates and statuses... is there any way to auto set at least annually, monthly, etc?  I was thinking maybe via tasks but only see the option of picking a date (which is better than nothing). See there are only certain times these tests need to be ran so emailing the tester would be helpful! thanks!

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  • Hi Kary,

    An Escalation Rule can be set to run if a Test Case sits in a certain status for minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years, but once it fires - if the status does not change within a day it is designed to fire again.

    Maybe I'm not understanding the question?

  • Ha Ha! no... you understood the question and I didn't see the drop-down next to the "For" field!  Thanks!