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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Can I use WebLoadUI to automate regression testing?

I recorded my scenarios using WebLoadUI but just want to know how can I execute all the tests under Scenario folder/directory in one go/click?  I noticed you can do right-click and select "Verify Scenario" for each test, but this only runs the selected scenario.  

If I select one of the test (under Test folder/directory) and add different virtual user groups that calls each of my regression scenario, will it acheive the same result as running all of them in one go?

I am new to automation/performance testing and would really appreciate your help.  Thanks!

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  • Always glad to help, especially newbies. :)

    Complex scenarios in LoadUIWeb Pro allow you to combine and re-order other recorded scenarios into multi-step processes like what you're describing, then you could just execute the one test.

    Likewise, our command-line parameters allow you to launch and execute a single test at a time, so you could have a multi-line batch file start and exit the LoadUIWeb.exe for each named test you want to execute in batch.