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7 years ago

Automated Regression / Health-checks?

I'm currently looking for a solution (or two) for some requirements I am facing for automated testing. The first requirement is automated regression testing where, when a developer pushes a code change, Jenkins would automatically run a ReadyAPI project and decipher the results. That part I understand the basics of and have seen a lot of posts here on the forums of how to set it up and caveats to be aware of. That much I understand I think I have a way forward with that.


The other problem that I am trying to figure out how to ensure an environment that houses a number of webservices is up and functional on an automated schedule. Preferably with some sort of alert mechanism.  I know this is the ReadyAPI forum, but I was wondering what anyone else uses to accomplish this second part. I have an environment that is available for external testing that needs to be relatively stable and available. 


Is there a part of ReadyAPI or the Smart Bear catalog that could be used for automating ReadyAPI tests and sending out reports based on pass/fails? Would jenkins still be a viable solution for this? Is there something that I am missing or other concerns I may need to address? Any and all information around this would be much appreciated!

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    Thank you for posting to our Community Forum.


    Automated Regression Testing can be done well by combining Jenkins and ReadyAPI. You can use ReadyAPI to generate the reports from the testing and Jenkins to send email notifications with the reports.


    ReadyAPI Reporting:

    Jenkins Email Extension:


    Regarding your second issue, you can use ReadyAPI/Jenkins to run tests against webservices on an automated schedule but it may not provide enough accuracy if these are critical services. You can take a look at our AlertSite product which will make this process much easier.



    Have a great day!



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      Thanks for the information, StevenColon! It looks like Jenkins is going to be my way forward for the time being, until I can compile more information about AlertSite. Thanks again!

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