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7 years ago

Why does the collaborator GUI not work after a reboot?

When I install the Code Collaborator GUI on my Windows 10 machine, it works beautifully - until I reboot.  After a reboot, if I run Collaborator Client GUI from the Start menu, the cursor goes into thinking mode and I see the app appear in the Task Manager, and then it disappears and nothing further happens.  No GUI no nothing.  Same thing if I run Collaborator Tray Notifier from the Start menu.


This is a Windows 10 machine running inside Parallels on a Mac, which does tend to make things strange.  Running Collaborator GUI version 11.2.11200, 64-bit.


LATER: Apparently if you say "No, I don't want the tray notifier" during the installation, you can never get the GUI to work.  Agreeing to the tray notifier is sufficient to get the GUI to work after reboot.



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    Hi cscooper,


    When GUI client or Tray Notifier is executed, it tries to load the existing configuration. It looks like something goes wrong during this process.


    Find the <.smartbear> folder under your Windows account's folder in the "C:\Users" directory, rename it to <.smartbear-copy>, and try to run the GUI client using the administrator privileges (right-click it and select run as "administrator").


    If the issue still persists check whether the command-line client fails too:

    1. Open your command prompt.

    2. Change the directory to the one where the Collaborator client is installed and execute the "collab login" command.


    If it fails, share the output.