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7 years ago

Why are the wrong files uploaded when reviewing code on a subversion branch?

I changed one file on a sub-version branch.  There are two total commits on the branch.  I started a review by selecting both commits from a Tortoise SVN show log window.  It took about 10 minutes for collaborator to make the review because it's including every single file in my project that I did not change.  Starting a review on the very last commit works okay, and only one file is shown.  However, starting a review with the initial commit on the branch results in my entire project being put under review.  Has anyone ever seen anything like that?  If so how do I fix it?  I've observed this with Collaborator v11.0.11000 Manual.  


EDIT: If I merge to trunk, the reviews that I create from the commit log of the trunk work as expected and only the one changed file is added to the review.  Tortoise SVN shows me the correct diff when showing the log when the branch is checked out.  I'm not sure how exactly the integration works between SVN and collaborator but I would expect that it is better to review changes on a branch instead of having to merge first.