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9 years ago

Unsupported SCM system or client


I have installed the collaborator plugin in Eclipse and I am using Perforce as SCM.

When I check out a file and add it to a review, I get the error message "Unsupported SCM System or Client - Some of the files you have selected are managed by an SCM System or SCM client that is not supported by this version of Code Collaborator. They will be treated as uncontrolled files."


What does it mean? Is is dangerous to have files treated as uncontrolled files?

Is there any way to avoid this message?


I am currently using the 2015.2.131.2139 version of P4V

The version of the collaborator server is: 9.3 and the same for the client. The version of the plugin is the last one (9.5)


Thank you for your help! 


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