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12 years ago

time saved

There used to be little blurbs that CC popped up informing you of metrics aggregated over all your reviews. "Together we've found 27 defects" and things like that. (Although I'm not sure the blurbs are still there in version 7...)

One of the blurbs told you the time you've saved (by detecting the defects in code review).

How can I get that information, and how is it calculated?

I assume it uses a rule-of-thumb or industry averages.

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    Those still exist and rotate through the rest of the funfacts, but there is no way to access them directly. You can, though, use the reports (if they're enabled for you) to get detailed information about defects.

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    How does the funfact calculate the time saved by finding defects?

    It says something like, "Together we've found 30 defects, saving XX hours."