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7 years ago

TFS Client Causes Lockout

We have kind of a unique situation.  One of our  users network accounts has been getting locked out up to 10 times per day.  Through trial and error and uninstalling and installing programs, we have found that the lockouts stop when he uninstalls the TFS client.  And when he reinstalled the client, they start up again.


Has anyone heard of anything like this?


Thanks for any help!



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    Hi Jeff,


    Unfortunately, I haven't heard about any similar cases and didn't manage to "google" one of them. I have only one assumption - since TFS uses cached password, it might be something goes wrong on this side. When the account gets locked again, try to check the cached password for this user's account in Control Panel -> Stored Usernames and Passwords. 


    Also, I would recommend that you copy this query to the TFS support team. They as vendors should have more understanding of what is going wrong and should be able to assist you:


    It would be great if you can share the solution once you find it!