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2 years ago

Query against Code Collaborator installation using repsonse.varfile

Hey community, anyone installed code collabarator server using response.varfile? I'm facing issue with mysql connector path only. I'm getting issue in screenshot attached.

Anyone can reproduce this issue using following steps.

1. Firstly Install code collaborator manually with mysql setup. It will generate code_collaborator response.varfile path for the same will be /opt/ccollab_Server/.install4j/response.varfile.
2. Then copy response.varfile to any suitable location and edit according to your requirement. I have changed the mysql connector path.
3. Then install code collaborator using single command 
     sh -varfile copied_response.varfile -q
4. It will fail as It takes random path of Mysql Connector path while running above command to install code collaborator. You can find the same in screenshot attached.

Kindly help me out if anyone encountered such issue in past.

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  • rajburnwal,


    Looking at your attached screenshot, it would appear you are missing a "c" in "connector" in your mysql JDBC connector path. Check you varfile for that typo, please.


    Let me know if that resolves your issue.




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      HI Mel, I have given correct path in response.varfile. Before typo one you can see default path. While Installing from scratch using varfile its taking /opt/ ( which is folder created on runtime). Could you please confirm whether installing code collaborator using response.varfile is portable? Because I want to do automation for installation and utilise response file created on a machine to different machine. For your information I'm running the binary in unattended mode using flag -q e.g ( sh -varfile response.varfile -q ). 

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    Mel, Have you tried to reproduce this issue? Also I didn't find much documentation on installation with response.varfile. Can you please refer me if there is any ?