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13 years ago

How do I configure a git server?

I'm migrating my company's version control from SVN to Git and have most of it in place.  The final unknown piece is setting of CC to support Git.

There is a "Git" option when I go to the "Version Control" section in the Admin.  But, for the life of me, I can't figure out how to configure it.  The only option it gives me is to enter the location of the git binary.  The most relevant results I can get back when searching the SmartBear site is some documentation that basically says the only support that CC has for Git is via the command line (really??).  If that is the case, why do I see it as an option in the Admin?

I'm hoping that there is a way that I can sync the central git repository on the local CC server using a cron and then configure CC to look in that repository for commits.  Or some flavor of this as this is really the easiest workflow for non-techies.

Also, I gave the comand-line client a go and it barely provides useful Git integration.  Yes, it is able to upload a diff from git to CC.  But, it does not allow one to specify particular commits, so in CC you don't get to see the comments that come with the commits.  Plus, this is painful, I should just be able to do something like `ccolab addchangelist some-git-changelist`, and that's it.

When we bought CC a couple weeks ago I had assumed (not a good idea on hindsight) after talking to one of SmartBear's salestaff, and reading that SmartBear themselves are using Git now, that the Git integration was as good as the SVN integration.  I hope this is still the case and that I'm just doing something wrong.

Anyone dealt with this before or have any thoughts?

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