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9 years ago

Collaborator Jira Setup: Cannot connect to Collaborator/Fisheye from Jira Plugin

I am trying to set up the Collaborator Jira Integration between Collaborator 9.3.9300 and Jira. I'm at the step in which the Collaborator plugin is installed in Jira, and after going to Jira Projects, I need to enter in the Collaborator and Fisheye information. The instructions show two buttons to "Test Collaborator Connection" and "Test Fisheye Connection." For some reason, I do not have those buttons in my layout. I do have the fields to enter in the Collaborator URL and username and passwords, as well as the Save button. However, when filling in the fields and pressing "Save," the fields immediately clear out and does not appear to be saved. Also, in the next step on the Jira Issues screen, I do not see two of the Review fields. I only see Review ID (but that was a field that we created manually before). I'm not sure how to proceed if I am unable to verify that I am connected to Collaborator and Fisheye successfully. See attached screenshot.

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  • First, please download and install last version of Jira plugin (now version is 2.1.0) and you'll see test connection buttons.


    Second, check Jira custom fields configuration and be sure that new custom Jira fields are visible on appropriate screens. Also in some Jira versions empty fields can be hidden. So as soon as you create review from Jira issue these custom Jira fields will be visible.


    Hope this can help you.

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      I've downloaded version 2.1.0 of the plugin and I do see the Test Connection buttons now, but when I click on them, or click Save, the fields clear out immediately and nothing else happens. I can't seem to save or test my settings. I also do not see any trace of the new Review fields that should appear under the Field Configuration on the Jira Issues admin screen.

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        What version (and build number) of JIRA server do you use?