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11 years ago

[CodeReviewer] How do I rename usernames with LDAP authentication?

We have LDAP authentication implemented and the "ccollab admin user edit --new-login <new-username> <old-username>" does not work.

With the occasional user changing a domain name, we have gotten by with letting the system create a new user and disable the old. Now we are faced with a wholesale user migration to a new username format and will users in mid-review.

Also, what if a user has already duplicated with the new name? In this case this has happened. I disabled the new and attempted to rename the old to the new username. 

F:\>ccollab admin user edit --new-login daniel_rue drue

Connecting to Collaborator Server http://es-ccollab

Connected as: Chris Simonson (csimonson)

Found User 'drue'.

ERROR: Executing command `ccollab admin user edit`:

Could not set login name of User 'drue' to 'daniel_rue'

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