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10 years ago

[CodeReviewer] Cannot "Mark Read" a comment due to error

Whenever I try to click the Mark Read button for a particular comment I receive an error. I turned on Debug to capture the log and after going through the messages I see that the real issue is "The provided verion is not included in this review".

Because of this I'm unable to mark this comment as read, accepted, add additional comments, etc to it.

Is there a way to repair/remove the comment in the CodeCollaborator database? If I could do that then I could re-enter the original comment and continue on my way!



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  • Hi Paul,

      If you have an active maintenance contract, please send a debug dump of this review to our Customer Care team. 

    To create a debugging dump of the review, open the review in question, then go to the "System" link at the bottom of the page (depending on administrative settings, you may have to be an administrator to do this).


    In the "Server Backup/Debugging Dump" section, select the following settings:


    "Server Logs" => "Include Server Logs"

    "File Contents" => "Include all file content"

    "Which Data" => "Complete database dump"

    "Restrict to One Review" => "Only data from Review ID xxxx"

    You may create a new case here:



    Collaborator Customer Care