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13 years ago

CodeCollaborator client and SVN 1.7


I think that the CodeCollaborator client  6.5.X is not working with SVN 1.7.

Is that correct of do I Something wrong ?

And if there is no support for SVN 1.7, when can we expect this support ?

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    You're correct - Code Collaborator 6.5 (and below)'s addchanges and addchangelist commands do not support Subversion 1.7.  The addsvndiffs command will, however, work, and is the official workaround.  Suversion 1.7 support should be forthcoming; until then, use addsvndiffs.
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    Do you know when the fix will be released ?

    And can you tell me how tho use the addsvndiff ?
  • This announcement was in another forum page:

    New Version of CodeCollaborator & PeerReview Complete (6.5.6505) Available

    Today, Wednesday December 21st 2011, we released version 6.5.6505 of CodeCollaborator & PeerReview Complete. This release adds support for Subversion 1.7 and includes a number of bug fixes. For additional details please review the release notes.

    Download the newest version of CodeCollaborator

    Download the newest version of PeerReview Complete

    If you have any questions regarding this release, please contact the SmartBear support team online.

    Best Wishes,

    The SmartBear Team