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13 years ago

CodeCollab stopped working after creating a IIS set up.


Win 7 64 bit. SQLServer express 2008.

CodeCollab 32 bit running has been like this running fine for over a year now. However just yesterday I needed to create a IIS web service so had to switch it on this triggered a bunch of updates. But at some point codecollaborator stopped working. It seemed to stop being able to run against sqlserver? Has anyone encountered this. I've un-installed everything that went on yesterday (I think) and it's still not connecting. The most I can see it a Connection reset error in the log files. but not much else.


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  • Hello, this is Greg from Smartbear Support.

    Did you recently upgrade to the latest 1.6 version of Java? 1.6.29 has a bug with some DB servers, so if that is the case downgrading java by a version should fix your issues.