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12 years ago

Closing reviews waiting on disabled users

I've had a few occasions when a review was left open waiting on a user who left the company.  I haven't figured out the best practice on how to handle this and would like some advice.

Scenario A:

The review is complete and just waiting for the developer to approve. We have the review dependent on the developer to approve it so they have an opportunity to read any final comments before it disappears from their list.  What would be some suggestions on handling this review if they leave the company? 

The review is done. I don't feel like cancelling it is appropriate. I also don't feel like I should add someone else as the developer and set the disabled account as observer.  I would think that would skew the metrics.

Scenario B:

This scenario is similar to A, but its the reviewer who is now disabled and developer is one waiting for approval.  This is not a big deal like the first issue. I could just set another reviewer and ask them to take the time to re-review or trust the previous reviewer and approve.  I'd like to get some thoughts on this one.

Scenario C:

An unfinished review in the rework phase with at least one open bug  and the developer leaves.  This could go two ways depending on the shape of the work. If we're chucking the code since there's a problem and the developer is gone, then we would obviously cancel the review.  If we're keeping the code and creating a defect ticket, then we could  mark the bug as externally tracked and then complete the review.  But then we're left with a scenario A situation.

Do you think a feature request to not wait on an approval of a disabled developer would be useful?


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