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13 years ago

Chat Window Shows "Loading Chat" when a Word Doc is Uploaded to a Review


I am running into issues with CC version 6.0 where when we upload Word Docs using Windows 7. When the file versoin is opened for review, the chat window shows a pop up window stating "Loading Chat..." that never goes away, even after the file is closed.

Has anyone seen this behavior before? It also seems to happen when we use Print to Review as well.



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    I have seen this sometimes in 5.0 version as well for binary files.  I found a workaround which is just click on "Pause" and then "Start", the comments and the chat window will load after that!
  • This issue was fixed in v6.1.6103, so upgrading to at least that version should take care of that problem for you.
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    Great, thanks! Can the client be upgraded without upgrading the server to resolve the issue? If not the workaround (hit pause and then start) will work for us until we can upgrade the server.

  • Brian,

    We don't usually recommend using newer clients with older servers. In some cases it may work, but we recommend the server be the same version, if not newer, than the client.