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14 years ago

Automated Install for Linux


I'm creating a corporate image, and we're looking to include CodeCollaborator in our deployment. Is there any way of automating the installation on Ubuntu Linux? The .rpm isn't convertible to .deb format via alien, and the .sh script appears to be only interactive.


Felix Sargent

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    You can automate the client install, accepting all the default values, by putting -q on the commandline when you call the installer.  Changing the values from the defaults is a little bit more complicated.  We've used various versions of install4j to build our installers.  As a result, you can specify -v <filename> to specify a filename full of variable=value pairs to change the install options.  If you do a normal install, a .install4j directory is created in the install directory that contains, among other things, a response.varfile that represents the responses used in that installation.
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      This is a question we receive in technical support from customers installing CodeCollaborator for the first time. CodeCollaborator supports four different databases (only three in a production environment), so what one should I choose? What are the tradeoffs???????????????