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6 years ago

All files marked as changed after rebase/squash in version 11

We are adding content to reviews by adding git commits.  When we have a commit in a review and a reviewer has "accepted" that file so a little green checkbox shows on the main review page next to that file in that reviewer's column, if we then upload a second commit that does *NOT* change the file in any way (no changes from this task or from upstream due to rebasing), the accepted indicator gets cleared for the file.  In version 10 which we recently upgraded from, the indicator would stay as accepted unless the file was changed as a result of the rebase.


Now, the reviewer has to go through every single file on each commit to see if they actually changed?  What is the recommended workflow for looking at revised commits within a review, and then doing a final review when the change is rebased against the HEAD of master (the issue happens in both cases)?  Surely it can't be to sift thru the files manually now, so we assume either our config is wrong or we're using it wrong.