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5 years ago

Where can I change the TLS version ?

Hi Team,


The source system is using TLS 1.0 version and I am not sure about the TLS version of serviceV pro assuming it is higher versioni guess. Due to which my testing is failing. Currently i am using ReadyAPI 2.7.0. Is there a way to change the TLS version in any of the config file?

This has blocked my whole day work, could you please help me in getting resolved.



Senthil. M

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      Hi Tanya,

      I have added all the version of TLS, but still it does not work.

      "-Dsoapui.https.protocols=SSLv3,TLSv1.2, TLSv1.1, TLSv1.0"


      1. Created a project.

      2. Added all the project required services.

      3. Added condition to send the response.

      4. Created a .war file and deployed in Apache Tomcat server.

      5. Entered the virtualisation endpoint on a browser and I was able to see all the services and on clicking the service able to see the wsdl.

      6. Shared the same virtualisation endpoint to web-method mediator, so that it would redirect the all the incoming call and fetch the response.

      7. Web-method throws an error message "This is because of TLS 1.2 upgrade", all our application are running on older version of java.

      Could you please help me with this.



      Senthil. M



      Senthil. M

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        senthkum : Don't write all the TLS version use only 1 that is the latest one as once i faced the problem becauseTLS version got upgraded so i updated the version with the same version used by developer and it worked for me.