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Unable to access Zephyr Squad Cloud API

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Unable to access Zephyr Squad Cloud API

Hi Team,

I am unable to access any API from browser directly after logging into JIRA CLOUD.

I want to access an API which gives me list of all executions and details absed on Jira issue key where issuetype is TEST. I have been able to achieve this via Zephyr Squad Server API but no luck from Cloud version of Zephyr Squad.


<jira cloud url>/connect/public/rest/api/1.0/serverinfo --- Used this on browser and am getting wrong url error


In case of Zephyr Squad Server, I used this and was able to get what was required:
<jira server url>/rest/zapi/latest/traceability/executionsByTest?testIdOrKey=84016


Please let me know the Cloud equivalent of above url for Squad. I tried referring to API docs but it is not helpful.


Thank you


Hi there, 


The Zephyr Squad server API works differently than cloud.  All test cases are stored on Jira as Jira custom issue types, which is why it's not referenced in the Squad API docs . You will  have to use the  the Jira api's to get data on test cases, and squad's api along with it. I found this on the Atlassian community and it worked for me - 


Documentation for Cloud: 


Hope this helps! 

New Contributor

Thanks a lot!

Could you please tell me how I can generate JWT Token using Postman (not via Java application as mentioned on the docs.)

I already have the prerequisites for generating JWT TOKEN like secret key, access key, account I'd, zephyr base URL.

It's just that there is nothing mentioned don how to GENERATE the JWT token from Postman.

Please help. Its urgent.

Happy to help 🙂 It's not possible to do that via postman, you'll need to follow the pre-requisites outlined here 

once you have the token you can start using with Postman. 

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