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TestsCases and related zephyr actions missing

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TestsCases and related zephyr actions missing

Hello there, 

Over the weekend (probably due to some updated?) our test cases and related zephyr actions went missing from our project that is integrated with zephyr (attachment no.1). 

In addition to that Zephys start to demand to add a dedicated ticket type for zephyr - it has been added before and is still added, nothing changed on our side (attachment no.2) - but new (looks like) incorrectly names as - Tect - ticket type has appeard. (attachment no.3). 

After adding this new TECT issue type to our scheme newly created tickets in this category does show necessary field (attachment no.4). 

I've looked though changelogs and news for zephyr, I saw that you introduced some improvements for test cases - Is this related? Is this change intentional? 

My main question is - how we can restore hundreds of our missing  test cases to existing tickets? 


It's been a week already and we are unable to conduct our testing activities, please resolve this issue ASAP. 


The last update that i had on the ticket that was provided was that we were waiting for you to provide us some info, if  you have already provided the same then i will work with the team to initiate the next steps

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