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Execution id/status from cycle API

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Execution id/status from cycle API

When i call the cycle API (zapi/latest/cycle/123), the data returns an execution summary. I need to get the individual executions. Id numbers would be fine, but ultimately, I need the status for each one.

When I call the the execution API for a specific execution (rest/zapi/latest/execution/12345) , all the data is there: status, cycleId, folderId, projectId. But using the various API calls (like zapi/latest/cycle/123/folders?...) that use those ID numbers will not return that same execution.


And when I call the general search (rest/zapi/latest/zql/executeSearch?zqlQuery=&maxRecords=1000) I see a whole list of executions, but none of them are in the cycle/folder/version/project I need. (maxRecords is larger than the number of records returned)


I don't think it's a permissions problem, because I can see the data in Jira, and I can access the individual execution record from the API

What am I missing? how do I get a list of all the executions in a cycle?


Dear mbecker,


There is a rest API to fetch executions related cycle.



By Cycle: following end point fetch executions related to cycle



By Folder: following endpoint fetch executions related to folder.






Thank you Neelakanta for the reply.


The Cycle api returns an empty set for executions, but adding the folder Id returned the executions data I needed. That's a huge step forward. Thank you!

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