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Re: How to track test case development?

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Re: How to track test case development?

How can I track test case development?  I can't seem to report on the Status of Test Case Development.  I would like to generate a chart that shows Test Cases that are Draft versus Approved by Component.  I can export all tests to excel and generate charts in excel and create a confluence page that displays the excel sheet but would prefer to report this status directly in Jira Zephyr Scale.

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There isn't a lot of options in this area.  Off the top of my head, I can't remember a way to do this using reports or gadgets.  But you could use the Test Cases homepage and add filters, saving them for each status type so you can monitor numbers - and depending on how your test library is structured (e.g. folders by team, function, etc.) you could then view the status of test cases in each of those folders.




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