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5 years ago

Developer License



I am a product manager of Continues Delivery Director ( (AKA "CDD").

CDD orchestrate the continuous delivery release pipeline from development to production, and this includes deployment management, tests run, approval gates, dependencies, and much more. 

One of our advanced modules is the "Adaptive Testing" - CDD interface with testing frameworks (e.g. SoapAPI) and can advise to the customers which test to run for a specific build, in order to save the full regression for every run.


The interface with the testing tools is done via plugins, and we have a long list of plugins that we developed. 

Our customer asked us to develop a plugin for Ready API, so he can run the tests from CDD (and expand usage of the tests to other groups). 

The problem is that we are facing, that in order to develop the plugin, we need to have a Ready API license that uses the license server (same as our customer is using).


I would like to know if there is an option to get a license for the plugin development only. This license won't be used to test our software or solution. All we need is to test our plugin to see that it can execute a few tests. 


Thank you very much!

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