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System.OutOfMemoryException when saving logs

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System.OutOfMemoryException when saving logs

When I´m saving the logs from my tests I have started to get the System.OutOfMemoryException.


1) TearDown Error : TestLeftAutomation.Tests.SvLmTests
One or more child tests had errors
TearDown : System.OutOfMemoryException : Ett undantagsfel av typen System.OutOfMemoryException intr„ffade.
   vid SmartBear.TestLeft.WebApiWrapper.WebApiClient.ExecuteRequest[ResponseData](RestRequest request)
   vid SmartBear.TestLeft.WebApiWrapper.WebApiClient.LogObject.SaveResults(LogFormat format)
   vid SmartBear.TestLeft.Log.SaveResultsHtml(String path)
   vid TestLeftAutomation.Tests.TestFixtureBase.FinalizeFixture() i C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\sharedspace\TestLeftAutomation\TestLeftAutomation\Tests\TestFixtureBase.cs:rad 158


The test PC have 4GB of RAM and its only function is to execute the tests with TestExecute.

When I turn of logging I don´t get any OutOfMemoryExceptions.

I have also tried to save the logs in the [TearDown] instead of the [OneTimeTearDown] but nothing changed.


I need to find a way to get logging to work.



SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi Jim,


Please contact support to troubleshoot the issue.

Helen Kosova
SmartBear Documentation Team Lead
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