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How to kill the test left UI object in C#?

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How to kill the test left UI object in C#?

How to kill the test left UI object in C#?

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Could you please clarify what do you mean?

If you are wondering about the lifetime of the variables in your C# test code, it is following regular rules for .Net.

If you are wondering about UI objects of the tested application, then the flow is like this:

-- Tested application creates its UI objects as it is implemented by developers;

-- TestLeft's runtime engine monitors these objects and maintains its internal objects tree;

-- When your test code searches for an UI object, the reference to the object from the above objects tree is returned;

-- When the tested application destroys the referenced UI object, TestLeft's runtime engine invalidates it in the objects tree and this is (automatically) reflected in your test code. and might help further.

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