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stability problems with TestComplete

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stability problems with TestComplete

Hi everyone,
I have a question about stability problems that we experience with TestComplete. Over the years, we have succeeded in developing a good series of tests within a single test project that contains several test subprojects.
Unfortunately, we cannot get the same result after running the same test project for the same application in the same environment. We first encountered this problem with TestComplete 12.xx and windows 7, now we upgraded our dedicated for testing workstation environment to TestComplete 14.x and windows 10.
We want to run our test projects unattended. This is also a separate issue with TestComplete 14.0 to be able start running project with windows Scheduler in Windows 10 Pro. Back to stability issue, we a able to run our test manualy and then get more stable results.
Thanks for any suggestens or tips

Hi there,


we run a similar Test Setup i guess.

I have one Master Project with 5 Subprojects + 1 Project for Distributed Testing.

Overall the Performance of TestComplete seems to degrade each version and i often run into timing issues that only occur when testing with TestComplete.


For example our Software starts and stops a service.

With the manual Test the service needs 1-2 seconds to change state, with TestComplete doing exactly the same Steps it takes up to a Minute.

Browser opening/closing is quite similar.

All on the same machine of course.


As i can not really fix TestComplete I often have to implement "wait for" functions or overwrite the default timeout for an object recognition.


What seems to be a huge issue in distributed testing is hard disc performance.

If you run into timing issues you might upgrade your machines to SSDs.




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