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[n] in Sys.Process("foo",n) changes, how to map properly


[n] in Sys.Process("foo",n) changes, how to map properly

I am working with an application (let's call it foo.exe).


Initially, name mapping had the FullName set to Sys.Process("foo",1).

Because I did an extensive review of TestComplete with SmartBear before purchase, I knew the '1' would change for whatever reason between invocations of my test scripts.


I remembered the fix was to use Sys.Process("foo",*) as the fix. However, I just ran my script and got a Sys.Process("foo",2) in my name map.


I'm working from memory of what I did, and this was a long time between product evaluations and the final installation ot TestComplete, so it's possible this wild card is not the way to do things. Has anyone else had this problem?

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