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mobile app shows failed hardening security check up on doing action using test complete

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mobile app shows failed hardening security check up on doing action using test complete

Not able to install mobile app using test complete ...

IN our mobile application we need to fill form and submit order...when we fill form and submit form using test complete 

app getting error "failed hardening security check"


Kindly help to check.


Mobile using : Huawai honor


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As tC is quite system intrusive, perhaps app detect intrusion in memory and reject due to securty check as the message was told to you ?

App must be set up properly for automation and secuirty controls must sometimes be reduced.


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even not able to install app using test complete ... i am using below code to install apk .


Function LaunchPRAApp()

On Error Resume Next
LaunchPRAApp = True
'Call Mobile.SetCurrent("KIW-L22")
Set MObj = Mobile.Device
Set packManagerObj = MObj.PackageManager
Set packObj = packManagerObj.GetPackageFromAPK(GetEnvProperty("PRAAPKPath"))


if ( Not Mobile.Device.PackageManager.InstallPackage(packObj)) Then
Log.Error("Something went wrong while installing the application.")
LaunchPRAApp = False
Project.Variables.logarray = "Something went wrong while installing the application."
Exit Function
End If



I have very little idea about what is the source for the "failed hardening security check" message, sorry for that.

But I would like to note that the use of the On Error Resume Next at the beginning of a function is highly not recommended practice as it hides all problems until unrecoverable crash occurs. And this crash might happen far far away from the line that failed initially. (Though far not sure that this will help with your exact problem.)


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Hi @vinodjaju, I see that you received a reply from our support engineers, let me copy it here:



It seems that the cause of the issue is that your Android app uses some certificate which is required for the login process. When this Android app is being instrumented, the debug certificate overwrites yours.

Thus, you can solve the issue in the following ways:
1. You need to specify the developer certificate at the signing step in the Android Instrumentation wizard.
2. Build your Android app in IDE:


Those certificates should be from your Android app and they should be generated by the developers of that app in Android Studio.


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Hi Team,


Yes , received solution from smarbear, but some internal project is going on now in our company, so application is not available to test until 24 Apr 2020. once ready will try to run and give my comments. thanks.



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@vinodjaju great, we'll be waiting for an update from you then. Let me mark the Support's solution for now in this thread.

Sonya Mihaljova
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