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4 years ago

Open file Security - Warning Popup


How can we handle these "Open file Security - Warning" popups in Testcomplete14.

How can I click on the Run button?

While accessing the desktop application I am getting this popup.

I can able to map those buttons 'Run' and 'Cancel' but during the Test Execution the script is failing.





  • Hi sonya_m 


    Actually that's a Client machine and they wants the system and application should be in such a way.


    So I have overcome the issue in a different manner.


    There is some issue with the TestedApps script because of which I couldn't able to click the run button. So I have launched the Application without using the TestedApps and that's worked for me.



    Step1: Double click on the Application Icon which is on the Desktop.(Captured the Application Icon as an Image)

    Step2: Clicked the Run button.




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    I believe this is something also controlled by UAC.  For your test automation machine, you could turn down or off UAC so that such prompts won't come up.

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    Does this pop-up occur if you do these steps manually?  Is it something that you expect to happen? 


    It's hard to tell from the screenshot but it looks like the Run button may be disabled.

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      Yes, If I open the application manually I will get that popup

      Actually we are using that application in the Client RDP machine and that is how the application has to be.

      And Run is not disabled.

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        A quick fix ..


        Send key alt R  or send key TAB + Enter will do the job


        Alt + R = shortcut for Run normally


        Tab put focus on Run button (because by default it's focused on Cancel button) and then Enter to validate Run button.



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    during the Test Execution the script is failing.

    Any more details as for what and how exactly is failing?