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licensing and me

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licensing and me

My organization is migrating its TC 8 license manager software to a new server and installing the software for TC 9 on the same server as someone on this helpful board told me was fine. We have TC 8 activated on the current licensing manager machine.  When I look at the smart bear product page on the web, I can see that my test complete 8 license key was activated. My TC 9 is not. What is the process by which this gets activated? Is it the act of typing it into the license manager?  Presumably I have to deactivate the license on the former TC 8 license manager server. How do I do that? (This servers as information on how to deactivate the new TC 8  license when we are able to validate TC9...)

Pardon my ignorance. I have never even seen the license manager software. I am new to this. I am trying to minimize the risk of downtime for my testers.


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To activate the TestComplete 9 license, simply enter it into the License Manager. TC9 and TC8 licenses can "live" on the same License Manager.

TestComplete licenses are deactivated automatically when you uninstall the License Manager. You can also deactivate them manually from the My SmartBear Account section of our web site (see TestComplete Licensing Guide).

Here is a related post by our product manager:

>> Pardon my ignorance. I have never even seen the license manager software. I am new to this.

No need to be sorry :). To get faster answers to licensing questions, call your sales rep or contact our Support Team. They will be happy to help.

I’m not a member of the SmartBear Support Team, I’m just helping users in this community. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of SmartBear Software.
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Thank you. I tried to do just that in the interim between the post and this reply. I was unable to do so because in both cases I received an error that they could not be installed on a VM. I had been told that these were VM enabled. I will work the ticket unless you have other advice.
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