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When running a KeywordTest wit Chrome or Edge, I am not able to find objects in Email

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When running a KeywordTest wit Chrome or Edge, I am not able to find objects in Email

I created my KeywordTest with MSIE and it is able to log into Outlook and Search for emails.

When I use Chrome or Edge, the objects cannot be found on the page.  The Page Title Name on the NameMapping Object Path is all that it can see.


Has anyone seen this issue and found a solution for it?


Thank You

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I created a KeywordTest using MSIE and in it I log into and search for an email, click on it and click on a button within the email.


When I use Chrome, it does not see the Objects I have identified in the NameMapping.  It only has the main webpage part of the Object Path.


How do I get Chrome to work in when I run my KeywordTest? 

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You'll need to do some preparation to use those browsers for testing:



Note: since you posted the same question in a couple of places, I merged the posts

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Thank you Marsha for merging topics and providing the links.


@KennethBobbitt Have you had a chance to go through the articles? Please share your progress with us.

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