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When mapping an object, clicking Skip still maps the object


When mapping an object, clicking Skip still maps the object


Just wanted to bring the following issue to your attention.

See attached video for a demonstration of the issue.

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Hi Ory,

Judging by the video, the behavior is correct. The fact is that the Skip button maps the object without creating an alias. In other words, all objects are always added to the name mapping tree (for the correct addressing in the future, the tree must contain all parent objects for each mapped element).

The aliases, in their turn, serve to address objects in scripts, that's why, it's logic to make them short and meaningful. So, you can map the object with a very long name to a very short alias. However, an alias references to an appropriate name mapping item, that's why, this item must contain the entire parent tree to find the needed object when you address it.

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