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Webcomparision checkpoint


Webcomparision checkpoint



I have been working on a test case. The requirement is to save the HTML pages from the website into a folder so that I can create a webcomparision checkpoint and we can compare the saved page Vs. the active page at runtime. I save the HTML pages using the Ctrl+s keys from windows. At run time I browse to the page I am compare, create a webcomparision checkpoint and compare it with the saved page. Everything is done via a script. Also, I am checking only the HTML tag elements and not the content.


When I run the test, it compares the two pages and fails. The details show that the HTML tags are different for both the pages. One is saved via CTRL+S and the other one via  "Compare only Tag Structure feature in webcomparison checkpoint. How does it make a difference? it should be exactly the same in my view since it is the same page.


Any ideas?




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If you compare the pages manually, are the tags different?  If so, how do they differ?  Showing us an example would help.

Hi @Marsha_R ,


Thank you for the reply. I did compare the tags and they were different and I was trying to figure out why they were different. I found out that it was just because of the way I had selected the objects for name mapping. I re-recorded my steps and it worked fine.




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