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[WebAudits] How to test Front-end performance bypassing user authentication of web?

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[WebAudits] How to test Front-end performance bypassing user authentication of web?

As the title says

I want to test the other page (not homepage). But the website has user authentication.

How I can do it with WebAudits in TestComplete to bypass authentication?


Now even though I write the other page's url below, as login authentication the other page can't be displayed now.

Any other way to solve it in TestComplete?


WebAudits.For(" ").Check();



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Possible solution depends on the authentication type used for the tested application.

In the simplest case of basic authentication you may try just http://<login>:<password>@

In case of other authentication types that are based on the constant cookie/token, you may try to get some page by providing authentication data on the login page and get obtained cookie/token.

Maybe, this even could be done via plain http requests without the necessity to follow the login procedure via UI using TestComplete. Try to record the traffic and investigate it.

Then you may use some pass-through proxy (Fiddler, for example) and set it up so that it appends the obtained cookie/token to all requests sent to your test host (

I am afraid that I don't have any good idea at the moment for the case of fully dynamic cookies/tokens that are new for every navigated page.


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Great advice, Alex!


@ApplePen did you manage to bypass the authentication?

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