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Warning messages in the test run log for improve performance

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Warning messages in the test run log for improve performance


Recently I have updated all my nameMapping to use unique identifiers in the XPath and deleted all others that TC saved when recorded. So tipically I have only one selector for each object or element. When I ran the test it gave me the following warning almost for all the objects. 


You can improve the performance of the object search in the test.

The NameMapping.​Sys.​browser.​pageAuth.​login_SignIn_Btn object

can be found faster if you make //input[@type="submit"] the first selector in its selector list.


And in the nameMapping for this object I see only one selector as I mentioned above. Still not sure why its throwing warning messages. Even when I click on Improve performance button in the log it just added an Empty selector, and even with that when I rerun the test it gave same message. One another thing is that the Extended Find column doesn't have any checkboxes.



Is there something I missed in the settings or somewhere else



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Unfortunately, for now you have to add an OnWarning Event Control. Here's there script I use:

function EventControls_OnLogWarning(Sender, LogParams)
  // Check if the message includes the desired substring
  var locked = aqString.Find(LogParams.Str, "Improve your test performance");
  if (locked != -1)
    // If found, block the message
    LogParams.Locked = true;
    // Else, post the message
    LogParams.Locked = false;

 This is a known issue and I've seen a few recent posts regarding this topic, so hopefully it get's updated soon. 

[here] and [here]

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Thanks for the code. This hides the warning messages, but as you mentioned this is not a permanent fix. I will wait for the fix. I can also uncheck the warning box in the test log report.



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