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WSDL not available

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WSDL not available


The WSDL file is not available for the web server I have to test. So I can connect and get all the types and methods.

According to the ex in

But I some how managed to get Mgt service API in to TC and could get methods.But I cannot use methods to get desired results as it doesn't generate any connection to the web service.But I have a method called GetTimeLimitedRequestKey which is generating a service key terminates evry minute.Is there any way for me providing this key to get information from web server regarding the running services.I should read the header of the http.Something like svSoap11.Headers[SERVICE_KEY_HTTP_HEADER] .

Any Help?

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Is there any way to generate a service to know the information flow between the server and console.The http files cannot be loaded into TC.Giving the path .../....asmx?WSDL, I get the error unable to load file.

But loading Mgt service managed to get types and methods.But cannot access them.Is there any way to change the soap header.

Could anyone help me.

Hi Aravinda,

Currently, there is no way to change the header of a SOAP request. Can you give us access to the tested service so we can see whether it is possible to do anything in this case? You can contact us directly via the Contact Support form.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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Hello David,

Thanks for the reply.Actually we were developing testcases for services against our servers.So right now we could not take any decission for providing information to you.I will get back to you when I have information with me.

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