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VisibleOnScreen is TRUE when row in grid control is not visible (need scrolling to view row)

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VisibleOnScreen is TRUE when row in grid control is not visible (need scrolling to view row)

I have a grid control with 100 rows. The grid control is placed in a small window where only 10 rows are visible with need to scroll up/down to see the desired row.


Both 'Visible' & 'VisibleOnScreen' are TRUE even when the desired row is last in grid while viewing the top 10 rows. I am required to do a right-click to open a context menu on desired row.


How should I proceed to check if row is truly visible else scroll till visible?



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Hi @leeedwin005 ,


can you please tell what are all the properties you are using to find the required object.

and also can you please share the image of "Object browser" where you have selected the the required  (last)row which is visible on screen.





UnitRowIndex = FindGridRowIndexByValue(GridObject, "Unit", UnitID)
Set UnitRowObject =GetObjectRowByIndex(GridObject, UnitRowIndex)

I can get the row index from the grid. With this, I could use GridObject.ClickRowIndicator to scroll to desired row with help from stated. (ref:


However, the row indicator is HIDDEN in my grid thus ClickRowIndicator call will give me the error: 'There was an attempt to perform an action at point (0, 0) which is transparent or out of the window bounds.'.


Is there any alternative to ClickRowIndicator?

BTW, I am using DevExpress WPF GridControl.



> I am using DevExpress WPF GridControl.

I would recommend to check in the Object Browser if native .MakeRowVisible() method is accessible (it should be) and use it (like recommended, for example, here:


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'GridObject.ClickRowIndicator(UnitRowIndex - 1) 'Replaced by the following
GridObject.View.ScrollIntoView(UnitRowIndex - 1)

Thanks for the tip. Using the native code works (finally a green tick).


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