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Variable declaration in a javascript class


Variable declaration in a javascript class



Can we declare global variables within a javascipt class, outside a function? When I try to declare a variable, it gives error: Syntax Error: Unexpected identifier

Sample code:

class Test {

var abc; //received above error

var abc = "Test"; //received above error

let def; //received above error

function1() {

//some code here

var abcd = "New"; //works fine here



Please suggest how I can create variables outside the functions in this scenario. Thanks!


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This syntax is not allowed in ES6 JavaScript.


This is not a TestComplete restriction but a restriction in the JavaScript language itself.  To declare a variable within a class, it needs to be a property of the class or, as you did so, scoped within a method in the class.  It's all about scoping and variables are not supported in the scope definition of a class.

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Thanks for your response.

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