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VM System Spec Suggestions


VM System Spec Suggestions

Do any of you have any experience you could share on what sort of system specs would be useful for a VM host for testing using TestExecute? Have you found that your bottlenecks tends to be CPU, RAM, Video, HDD I/O, etc.? Any gotchas or anything that would stand out as things you wish you'd known or considered beforehand?

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Mostly it depends on appetites of your application under test, because TestExecute is rather modest regarding the system resources.


We were testing one web application (with minimum of media elements), and it was enough to deploy Amazon t2.micro instances (1 CPU, 1 GB RAM) to launch tests using TestExecute.



You asked a "how long is a piece of string" question.


What you set up needs to be sufficient to run the AUT at an acceptable level along with TE. That's going to vary wildly depending what you're testing. My AUT at the moment is .NET + Delphi + a (potentially huge) SQL DB.

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