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8 years ago

web page suggestions

These are really suggestions for the Smartbear web page authors.  I think these principles are true for any corporate web page.


1) Absolutely every web page should have a "Smartbear" logo at the top, which is a link to the very top level Smartbear home page.  Here's an example of a page that doesn't have such a link. 


If the site is subdivided into, for example, a "Community" or "Documentation" section, then there should be a visibly separate link at the top of those pages that takes you back to the top level of the that section.


2) There should be an explicit facility for reporting problems with the web page itself, as opposed to problems with the products that the company sells.


3) Absolutely every page that documents something technical should include an indication of the version of the item that the page documents, and the date is was last made current, and it should be right at the top.  That way a reader can readily see that they're looking at documentation that is six years out of date.


Thank you for your consideration.