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Using Same Excel file for dataDriven as well as to update Using Excel Write


Using Same Excel file for dataDriven as well as to update Using Excel Write

In Data Driven loop , as the last statement , i am trying to update the last column as Status (looping via Rowindex maintained in Variable and incrementing ) , however when call , TestComplete throwing " Failed to delete the 'OrderData.xlsx' file. 12.28.38 Normal 0.13 0.13


How to use the same file for data driven loop and update the new column 


excelSheet.Cell('H', excelRow).Value = message;

// Save the file to apply the changes

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I would ask Support about that directly.  Here's the link:

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Thank you, Marsha!


Hi @VeenaDevi ! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to locate your support ticket, could you let the Community know if you were able to solve the issue and provide details on that? Thank you!

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Created ST for the same :


I am also getting the same error. I am writing the excel report at step level for each click, enter, select, etc. Before Excel.Save or Excel.Open step is completed, it is proceeding to the next line of code and eventually fails the test.


No proper integration of Excel.Save or Excel.Open is not concluded before it moves to the next line of code.

Support Ticket - 00489631

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Let me quote what support replied to Veena as this might be of help to others, as well:


>> The reason for this issue is that when you use data from the Excel file (read data) in the Data-Driven testing, it is not possible to write in this file. In this case, I would recommend creating a copy of this Excel file and write all changes there - thus it will help avoid this error.


Sonya Mihaljova
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