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Upload Test Complete logs to Sharepoint using Rest Api

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Upload Test Complete logs to Sharepoint using Rest Api



I am trying to upload Test Complete Logs to Sharepoint, I have tried to use the Front Page RPC to upload but i am getting a 403 forbidden error, Also i am using author.dll to post.


Can I use rest api to upload the documents. Have any one tried using vbscript to Create a Rest Api function to upload the documents. 


If so any guidance will be much appreciated.

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Re: Upload Test Complete logs to Sharepoint using Rest Api

I, personally, am not familiar with SharePoint's API so I cannot respond specifically to what API calls, etc., you can use.  I defer to someone who is more experienced than I am to help you with that syntax.

However, you SHOULD be able to use (I think) the aqHttp object to format and create your requests that you can then send to the API.  I THINK this should work.  See

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