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Unexpected or overlapping window event in .NET library

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Unexpected or overlapping window event in .NET library


is there any way how to trap "overlapping window" event in .NET (visual studio) other then through COM component AxEventControl? I am accessing TC from dll library (encapsulating TC functions) so I don't really use forms where to place that COM component. As long as dll doesn't have any mainline static entry point I get error: "ActiveX control cannot be instantiated because the current thread is not in a single-threaded apartment." when I try to create that component dynamically. Does exist any solution? 



Tomas Panik

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Hi Tomas,

I recommend that you examine the Connected and Self-Testing applications concepts - I guess, this is what you actually need (instead of working with COM objects explicitly). Please see the "Connected Applications" ( ) and "Self-Testing Applications" ( ) help topics for more information.

Best regards,

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