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Unable to touch child objects of Flex List control


Unable to touch child objects of Flex List control

when recording a test Test complete recognizes the spark.component::list but any objects inside of that list remain undected by test complete. I can find some of the objects contained in the list in the object browser and i can touch those object useing x/y coordinates but i really need to be able to work with those objects in a more defined manner than just using x/y values.


here is a jing: (Sorry for the long video TC was taking its time while recording)

using Firefox 27

TC 10.10.752.7

Flex Web via https:

have stepped through smartbear help for testing flex apps with no success.


Any response on this issue would be very appreciated. This has been an issue for my team and I for over a week now. We've taken to working on other automation portions for now but we will have to figure this out in the near future in order to continue. we have talked to our developers and it does not seem like it is an issue with our swc and we cannot find anything that we may have missed during setup of Firefox or TestComplete. We have tried to dive into the object browser and while we can in some way see some of the objects in the list we have no ability to scroll through the list and find any specific object within that list or do any kind of logic against those inner controls properties. The few successes we've had are leading to inconsistent runs and questionable tests in that list.


Thanks for your time,


I will provide any additional information requested to the best of my ability.

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi Antonio,


You can try using the MSAA or UI Automation technologies to make TestComplete recognize items inside the list. Please refer to the "Ways to Interact With Application Objects" article for more information.


Anyway, you can use the native properties or methods to get access to items of the list. TestComplete won't recognize each element. However, you will be able to access it internally. The article I mentioned earlier describes this approach, as well.


Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager


Thanks for the response. I will look into that and let you know if we resolve the issue.


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