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Unable to run SessionCreator utility

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Unable to run SessionCreator utility

I am trying to run an automated test over my GUI application. I read that to be able to do this we need an interactive session opened, and to open a user session we need SessionCreator utility.

So am trying to run this command    SessionCreator.exe RunTest /UserName:Tester /password:mypassword1 /ProjectPath:"C:\tests\MyProject.mds" and I am getting an error  “Passed in argument , but no positional arguments were ready to receive it” .



I have no clue what this is.


Also, I am not sure where to create the username and password specified in SessionCreator utility


I couldn’t figure out a solution from this document.


again, we cant see anything from the embedded screenshot. consider just attaching them instead.

with that said, first sets of debugging may be things like do you have typos within your username and password? you may also need to define the domain of that user account (i.e ad\,

did you try supplying the pjs file path for the runtest argument? 

Justin Kim
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This might sound like a set of naive questions. 

1. Where and how do I create the username and password?

2. How to define the domain of the user account

3. How do I supply the pjs file path for the run test argument? 



1) the username and password you log in to your computer with

2) the domain name that you put ahead of your username, you can most likely view that if you go windows run, lusrmgr.msc , groups, users, and you can view what domain your domain users fall under

3) the path where your pjs file is (i.e C:\users\\desktop\testcompleteProjects\myproject.pjs)

Justin Kim
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