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5 months ago

Azure batch node DistributedCOM error when running SessionCreator


I am having an issue with running SessionCreator on Azure. Our automation setup uses Azure Batch to run Tasks on nodes. Each task will run the test project using SessionCreator on the node. 

The problem we are running in to, is that when the second task runs on a node, at some point the automation will stop running. Looking at our custom logs we can see that just after one of the automated tests runs, a DistributedCOM error occurs:

The above issue is happening regularly on the second Task that runs (second run off SessionCreator) on the same node.

I am wondering has anyone encountered anything like this before? I am still unsure if this is a SessionCreator issue or an Azure issue.

Thanks for any advice!

  • Thanks for the reply. After further analysis and debugging, It appears as though the /UseActiveSession option was the problem. I had left this in the command after testing, and this appears to have been causing the problem. 

    My guess is the first task finished, but did not close the first session immediately once it was done. The second task then ran and used the first session, which shut down shortly after.

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    DistributedCOM is a Windows error, not relating to SessionCreator.

    When you say second task run, has the first task actually finished? Is it launching more than one instance of SessionCreator?

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      Thanks for the reply.

      I do understand that the DCOM error is a Windows one, but I am wondering if it is being triggered by SessionCreator by any chance?

      The order of events is:

      • Node starts
      • First task runs and kicks off SessionCreator
      • First task finishes
      • Second task runs and kicks off SessionCreator again
      • Error occurs shortly after.


      There should not be more than one instance of SessionCreator being launched. I dont see any related SessionCreator logs in the event viewer. Is there anywhere I can get this information to ensure the first instance of SessionCreator has infact stopped correctly?

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        What are the actual commands and parameters used for SeesionCreator?

        Is the VM always on, with a user already logged on? How many interactive user sessions can there be on your VM?

        The utility opens an interactive user sessions, and this can been seen via Task Manager -> Users.